Dr. med. Marquardt - Expert for running & author of "Laufbibel", the bible of runningl

"As physician for runners and federally active organizer of running seminars, I support that my clients can exercise their hobby without pain or problems. Running is a wonderful sport, but it presupposes healthy feet and a healthy musculoskeletal system. Running in modern, softly cushioned running shoes, most runners lose their natural foot function and their natural running technique. FiveFingers return foot strength and flexibility to runners. According to the concept of running technique with power, coordination and flexibility exercises, FiveFingers are therefore my most important recommendation in order to run better, faster and with fewer injuries. Of course, toe shoes do not replace the running shoe in the process, but for shorter training units or hiking on natural surface, they are an ideal training tool. I also wear FiveFingers myself in my spare time. This is how my feet are always strong and healthy and well prepared for running training."

Dr. Chr. Sommer - "FussClinic Luzern", foot clinic of Lucerne

"I tested the barefoot shoes and found them to be very comfortable. They are very well suited for training of the foot muscles without having to be exposed to injuries or environmental influences. This is particularly true for people with restricted feeling or circulatory disorders in the feet and related increased risk of infections. The toe shoe would be difficult to wear for people with malpositions of the toes. I can well imagine recommending the toe shoes to certain patients."

Karl-Heinz Kutil -

"As minimalist and individualist searching the way back to our roots, I immediately developed an incomparable passion for these toe shoes. With every step I am invited to feel my surroundings, over stick and stone, be it in water or on a mountain, because of the toe shoe I experience and enjoy nature like never before - with all my senses."

Stefan Schlett – "freelance adventurer"

"The toe shoe revolutionized barefoot running. The wearing comfort in the antislip finger cot is simply sensational! For me as runner and perseverance athlete, the FiveFingers Sprint is of course the ideal model. Running barefoot in the outdoors opens an entirely new horizon. In daily life as well, as "home shoe", the toe shoe gives new perspectives – because it extends the barefoot season. Along the way all of the frequently deteriorated and neglected foot muscles are stimulated, worked out and revitalized. When ice swimming, a passion I have kindled for more than a quarter of a century, I no longer get uncomfortably cold feet since I have been using toe shoes. The toe shoe is a revolution in shoe development which I wouldn't want to miss!"

Wolfgang Heinz

Wolfgang Heinz

Toe shoes are a sensible addition for running training, which should not be missed by any runner, in the ABC-run and barefoot running, the foot muscles and tendons are strengthened and you will get through the season without injuries. Because I always have problems with the Achilles, toe shoes are optimal for strengthening and relieving my Achilles. I regularly participate in various trailing events, my feet are always happy when I wear the toe shoes and the feet can recover. There is nothing better for the feet than FiveFingers from Vibram to do a few barefoot running units, which can be done along the way without stress, the feet will be grateful for it.

Heimo Presser – School teacher in Carinthia

Heimo Presser

Adults are often unsure, but children find the "FiveFingers" simply cool. I for my part hear comments on these shoes every day. No surprise: Being a wearer of Fivefingers since 2007, I have by now the right model ready for nearly any occasion. Being someone who would very much like to walk barefoot anytime and anywhere, these shoes are perfect of course. I wear them in school as well as when running, hiking or just "like that" when going for walks. My enthusiasm for these special shoes is abiding in any case and my circle of friends has already reacted: With the nickname "Fiveling".

Andre Stöß - LE Qrier

Andre Stöß

Bestzeit nach 23 Jahren mit Zehenschuhen!
Record time after 23 years with toe shoes! I have been running in toe shoes since December 2009. Overall I own 4 pairs at this time. I use the model KSO as everyday and home shoe, I use the model Trek Sport as running shoe for cold and wet seasons and I use the models Speed and Bikila more frequently for training and competitions. I run without socks in all toe shoes. For example, I competed in the Trek-Tex at negative 15°C in winter 2009/2010 (without socks!) All in all I can say that the arch of my right foot truly stabilized since I have been running in toe shoes. I had some smaller problems with this foot, because I used to buckle slightly to the inside on it. This problem is completely gone now. Moreover, I experience running in toe shoes as somehow more natural. My running style has changed to the better with the toe shoes. It is more upright, powerful and dynamic now. As a result I established 2 personal best times over 20km in 1:11:41hr and over 10km in 33:57min in this year with the toe shoes.

Michael Maier – Osteopath & physical therapist for sports

Micheal Maier

From osteopathic view, the most natural form of movement, namely running and walking, is a decisive factor for the function of the organism. As first point of contact with the surroundings, the foot represents a very important structure for humans, which should be used in the most natural way as possible. Since direct contact of the foot with the underground constitutes the normal situation for the body from evolutionary view, any shoe will lead to an irritation and a change of stress factors. Especially shoes with cushioning mechanisms lead, as could by now be legitimately proven in many biomechanical studies, to significantly greater stress on the joints. With Vibram's FiveFingers, direct contact with the ground could be simulated as good as possible and thereby offering a physiological, thus natural, situation is possible in daily life, whereby not only the musculoskeletal system but also all other structures of the body, such as internal organs and the nervous system can better maintain their normal functions.

Berlin Marathon with the Bikila toe shoes- Klaus Peter Wild

Klaus Peter Wild

Here is my experience report from the Berlin Marathon: When I put on my Bikila shoes in the morning at the start, I had a crowd of people around me despite the rain. I had to answer so many questions for them that I almost forgot my start, if not all runners around me had begun to go to the start. The Bikila felt very good from the start. It was just bothering me to answer so many questions during the entire run. At kilometer 21 I saw my wife and child for the first time. My wife immediately asked me how I felt. I said that I had never had such a great run without pain in the ankles and knees. At kilometer 37 when I saw her for the second time, everything was still great. Quite contrary, many runners had problems with their feet, I didn't this time. This is how I ran through the Brandenburg Gate and was happy that my legs and I were doing so well. At the finish I also saw my family again. My wife said to me that my face didn't show any pain this time. I had made the right decision. The change to barefoot running shoes removed all pain from the preparation and during the marathon. After the marathon I have already started to run in my Bikilas again. Unfortunately we couldn't take any photos with our digital camera because of the rain.

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